Waiver Terms

All participants are required to sign this waiver prior to starting any cycling event organized by ONE LOVE CYCLING LLC. A person that fails to sign this waiver for whatever reason is not considered to be officially registered as a participant in our events.


In consideration of my participation in ALL events organized by ONE LOVE CYCLING LLC., I, hereby, release in my name, that of my spouse (if applicable), in the name of my successors, heirs, assignees and hereditary wealth, and convene to voluntarily express, in the most ample way possible, to release and exonerate ONE LOVE CYCLING LLC , its members, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, and every person that represents in any capacity of all responsibility for any damages that I can suffer or cause during the said events as established in the following paragraphs:

  1. I recognize that these events or athletic activities constitutes an extreme test of physical aptitude and mental strength to the individual, and that it entails the risk of death, serious physical and emotional harm or damages to personal property or to third persons. These risks could be caused, without these being interpreted as a limitation, by the conditions of the streets, the terrain, temperature, climate, other athletes, equipment, traffic, lack of adequate hydration, or actions of third parties like participants, volunteers, spectators, trainers, organizers, monitors, sponsors, promoters and producers. These risks can also affect the volunteers of the events.
  2. I certify that I have the health, physical condition and sufficient training that is needed to participate in these events. Furthermore, I certify that I do not suffer from any medical or physical condition that can impair or interfere with my participation. In the case of any known or unknown conditions, I am willing to accept all the risks and expenses caused directly or indirectly by this or these conditions. I have not been advised by any doctor to abstain from participating. I acknowledge that the events will take place on public transited roads which present inherent risks. If in any moment I understand that the conditions are not safe, I should stop my participation in the events.
  3. I recognize and accept all the existing risks related to the events of ONE LOVE CYCLING LLC , nevertheless, I choose to participate voluntarily despite the risks.
  4. In a free and voluntary manner and in the broadest way possible, I relieve and exonerate forever, agree to compensate and liberate from all responsibility ONE LOVE CYCLING LLC , its members, directors, officials, volunteers, employees, families, spouses, heirs including all event promoters or sponsors in addition to any entity that sanctions the events. I also include any claim, cause of action, lawsuit, lawyer expenses, legal action or any other procedure plus any ruling, resolution or order of the process that in one way or another are related directly or indirectly to my participation in this or other events of ONE LOVE CYCLING LLC . from any damage suffered by me or to my property or for any damages to third parties or their properties. This release includes any and all claims of rights and equity (fairness), due to actions or omissions, whether culpable or negligent.
  5. I accept that by signing this document, and if I suffer a lesion or hurt myself while participating in the events, a court can determine that I relinquished my rights to initiate a lawsuit against ONE LOVE CYCLING LLC , its members, directors, officials, volunteers, employees and all people who represent them in any way. I certify that I have sufficient insurance to cover any personal lesion or physical damage including any harm that I may cause another person or property that has nothing to do with the activity. Therefore, I convene to assume the costs of the lesions or damages.
  6. If ONE LOVE CYCLING LLC, its members, directors, officials, employees or any person representing it, has to incur in fees and lawyer expenses to enforce this agreement, I agree to compensate and liberate them from all responsibility of fees and costs.
  7. I, hereby, permit receiving (being administered) medical treatment if it is considered necessary due to a lesion, accident or illness during the events.
  8. I understand that during these events activities can be photographed. I grant permission for my picture to be taken whether it be for a picture, video or in any other media without receiving any personal compensation for any legitimate purpose for ONE LOVE CYCLING LLC , its producers, sponsors, and organizers of the events or its assignees.


  1. This agreement will be interpreted by the laws of the United States of America and any claim that may arise from my direct participation in the events or from this agreement, must be presented before the courts in the United States. This release will be interpreted in the broadest form possible in favor of ONE LOVE CYCLING LLC its members, directors, officials, volunteers, employees and all of the people who represent it in any form.

I have read and understood the content of this document; I have signed it freely and voluntarily, and I agree to honor the conditions of the document