Membership Guidelines

To ensure that our ONE LOVE CYCLING CLUB group rides are as safe and enjoyable as possible, we have put together a series of guidelines to follow.

Please read this before riding with the ONE LOVE CYCLING CLUB:

  1. The One Love Cycling Club is an international members club.
  2. Our  mission is to improve lives through cycling
  3. Our motto is represented by the words: unity, respect, positivity
  4. The club is an inclusive club of like-minded individuals, and members are encouraged to get to know each other both on and off the bike.
  5. The One Love Cycling Club identity includes One Love  typography and the One Love Cycling Club logo. These shall not be replicated, copied or applied to any item physically or digitally without prior consent from  One Love Cycling LLC.


  1. The One Love Cycling Club is a club for like-minded members who will treat all other  members with the respect and courtesy they would extend to friends and family.
  2. One Love Cycling Club members are encouraged to travel and meet members in other cities and countries, and welcome those from others.
  3. A One Love Cycling Club coordinator based in each chapter, will support the activities of One Love Cycling Club members.
  4. One Love Cycling Club members are encouraged to participate and create their own rides and invite other members to join them.


  1. One Love Cycling Club members will uphold good riding etiquette and camaraderie and abide by the  One Love Cycling Club ride etiquette rules. Members will greet other riders on the road, wait for dropped riders, and help those in need.
  2. The One Love Cycling Club is a road riding and racing club. However, track racing, mountain bike racing, cyclocross and triathlons can also be undertaken in Club colours.
  3. Club rides and social spins will be a regular feature of club membership.
  4. One Love Cycling Club members should never ride more than two abreast when riding in a group.
  5. One Love Cycling Club riders are encouraged to race and enter other competitive cycling events.


  1. One Love Cycling Club members are encouraged to wear official One Love Cycling Club kit on all One Love Cycling Club rides, but are not obliged to do so. However members of our racing teams must wear the official One Love Cycling Racing kit when racing for the club.
  2. The wearing of helmets is mandatory on all One Love Cycling Club rides.